Teeth Whitening

Having yellow tinted teeth can look unpleasant to the eye. Teeth whitening can lighten your teeth to 6 shades in just one setting. If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, get them done by our professional dentists now!

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic dental procedure. As the name implies, it lightens the color of the teeth for a better looking smile with the help of chemicals and laser application.

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Problems & Solutions

Whitening can treat multiple problems and many people are good candidates for it. Here, you can find answers for different complaints.

Does it impact my dental work?

Dental work that is made of ceramic or composite resin materials are resistant to the bleaching process.

I’m afraid they’ll look unnatural.

You should discuss it with your dentist and be on the same page about the level of whitening.

Do I have to stop drinking coffee?

To preserve the whitening treatment’s effects, you need to avoid dark-colored foods and beverages.


Ben Pietro

I am very pleased with the service. They were very friendly and kind and I have really clean teeth now. I didn’t have much sensitivity, so it was great!

Paulo Carol

Very professional and affectionate clinic. I am very pleased with my professional whitening, looking forward to come to Istanbul next year again!

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During your recovery, we'll inform you, check on you, and answer your questions 24 hours and 7 days. We'll expect you to send photos periodically to follow your recovery period.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Whitening?

If you don’t have any dental health problems such as gum disease, and the stains are not intrinsic (superficial stains) and you want to have whiter teeth, you are a good candidate for whitening.

What Are The Expected Outcomes Of Whitening?

The outcomes of Teeth Whitening can be analyzed in three main categories: aesthetical and psychological.

Health-related Outcomes

Teeth whitening can improve the appearance of your teeth, but it does not offer any health benefits. It is a cosmetic treatment and should not be used to treat dental issues, such as tooth decay or gum disease. However, teeth whitening can help to improve your oral hygiene by making your teeth look cleaner and brighter.

Aesthetical Outcomes

Teeth whitening can address color related issues about your teeth. After the whitening procedure, your teeth will be lighter in color. You will have a brighter and a better looking smile.

Psychological Outcomes

If you are ashamed of your teeth because they are not white enough, you may feel self-conscious and avoid showing your teeth while smiling and laughing. It can affect your social life as well as your confidence.

How Is Whitening Done?

It is a procedure done to make your teeth whiter using bleaching gel and laser.


At first your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove tartar and obvious stains, then a bleaching gel solution will be applied to the teeth only and to achieve that a rubber dam will be placed around the teeth to protect the gums and the tongue.

Applying The Bleaching Gel

To protect the eyes from the laser, protective goggles will be placed over your eyes. After the bleaching gel is applied, a laser will be applied to your teeth to activate the bleaching agents in the gel.

Removing The Bleaching Gel

After the procedure is done, the gel will be removed. Depending on the application procedure chosen by your dentist, several applications may be needed or just one application may be enough according to the bleaching.

Risks and Complications

While teeth whitening is generally safe, there are some risks and complications to be aware of.

  • Ineffective results: Teeth whitening may not work for everyone, and some people may not see the desired results. This can be due to a number of factors, including the type of stain, the severity of the stain, and the type of whitening treatment used.
  • Gum irritation: Teeth whitening can cause the gums around the treated teeth to become inflamed or irritated. This can be managed with good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings.
  • Teeth sensitivity: Teeth whitening can cause temporary sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. This is usually temporary and will subside after a few days.

What To Expect During A Whitening Recovery?

The First Week

As a patient who had a teeth whitening operation, the recovery process during the first week can be a bit uncomfortable. While you may experience some slight discomfort and subtle pain, it's important to remember that this is a normal part of the recovery process. After the operation, you may find yourself in a bit of discomfort for the first few days. It's important to follow the advice of your dentist and take any prescribed pain relief to ease any discomfort. Additionally, you may want to avoid hot and spicy foods that can irritate the area. By the end of the first week, you should start to see the clear whiteness of your newly whitened teeth. This is an exciting time and can be a great sign that the operation was a success. It's important to note that the recovery process after a teeth whitening operation can vary from patient to patient. Make sure to follow your dentist's advice and reach out if you have any questions or concerns during your recovery.


Once the sensitivity has gone, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful look of your newly whitened teeth. You may feel a newfound sense of self-confidence and pride knowing that you have taken the steps to enhance your smile. Continuing your normal life should be no problem. You can go about your daily routine as if nothing has happened. It is important to note that you should avoid consuming foods and beverages that could potentially cause discoloration and undo the whitening effects. The recovery process should be completely free of any side effects. Your dentist will provide you with further advice on how to care for your teeth to ensure that the results of your whitening procedure last as long as possible. Overall, having a teeth whitening procedure is a safe and effective way to achieve a brighter smile. With appropriate aftercare, you can look forward to enjoying your new smile for many years to come.

Guidance & Support

After meeting with your dentist at their office during your consultation you express your expectations and the dentist checks the condition of your teeth. They will inform you about their professional opinion while taking your expectations and the condition of your teeth into consideration. Then, photos of your teeth will be taken for a 3D simulation. The size, model and color can be decided by you, and you can even choose the color from the tooth color chart. After deciding, on the first operation day teeth will be scraped and if there is a need for an extraction it will also take place on the first day. Temporary veneers will be put on and your dentist will prescribe you with painkillers and antibiotics. You will stay at the hotel for about 4-5 days. During your stay you will be visited by a wellbeing specialist, and if you’re having any problems your dentist will be contacted. After these 4-5 days, your permanent veneer will be applied and it will be all done.

What To Do Before Whitening?

Your dentist will provide you with instructions on do's and don'ts at first.

  • During your first visit to the dentist office, your teeth will be examined by your dentist and impressions will be made and sent to the laboratory for making trays that fit over your teeth. To prevent any discomfort after the procedure, you should brush your teeth gently and avoid harming your gums, do not floss the day before the procedure. You can eat before the treatment, since you won’t be able to eat for a few hours after the procedure, you may want to eat before your procedure begins.

What To Do After Whitening?

Your dentist will provide you with instructions on do's and don'ts at first.

  • After the procedure, you need to stay away from coloured liquids for at least 2 hours. You should stick to white colored food to prevent any staining for about 2 days. During these 2 days you should choose colorless or white colored toothpaste to brush your teeth gently. You can resume your normal diet after the first 2 days but you should keep in mind that red wine, coffee, and dark colored beverages and food can stain your teeth.


We know you have many questions. Having realistic expectations and deciding to have a dental operation requires information. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the teeth whitening.

It is a procedure done to make your teeth whiter using bleaching gel and laser.
During the procedure your dentist will first clean your teeth thoroughly then apply bleaching gel on your teeth by placing a tray; and then apply laser light to activate the whitening agents in the gel. After the procedure is done, they will clean your teeth from any residual gel.
The procedure can differ in length depending on the method used, but usually lasts shorter than an hour.
The bleaching effect is achieved by carbamide peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide) that is present in the bleaching gel. 10% carbamide peroxide is safe to use and doesn’t damage the enamel of the teeth.
The whitening procedure doesn’t hurt but can cause mild discomfort and some sensitivity in the gums during or after the treatment. These side effects are temporary and will resolve in a few days.
The whitening procedure is not a permanent one. The food and beverages that can cause staining like red wine, coffee, and smoking can fasten the fading of the whiteness in as little as one month. If you are careful, your results will last a year, maybe longer until a touch up is needed.
The whitening amount can vary from patient to patient with no guarantee, although usually your tooth color can be lightened from 6 to 12 shades on the whitening shade guide. Results will depend on the original color and may need additional whitening treatments in order to achieve the desired shade.
If the whitening product is 10% carbamide peroxide or lower, there will be no damage to the hardness or mineral content of the enamel of the teeth. Professional teeth whitening doesn’t cause any permanent damage to the enamel and is safe.
Avoiding food and beverages that can stain the teeth, and also avoiding smoking can help you keep the results longer. Coffee, tea, soda, berries, foods including tomatoes can stain the teeth and you may want to avoid consuming too much of them. If you choose to consume them, you can rinse your mouth and brush your teeth afterwards. Keeping a good oral hygiene routine that is brushing twice everyday, and biannual dental cleaning can help make the results last longer.
Over the counter bleaching kits often take a week or longer to provide noticeable results. Professional dental whitening has a stronger formula that provides faster results.

Problems & Solutions

Whitening can treat multiple problems and many people are good candidates for it. Here, you can find answers for different complaints.

The existing dental work that is made of ceramic or composite resin materials are resistant to the bleaching process, therefore will not change color. This might result in mismatch of the dental work with your natural teeth. If your dental work is stained, you might need a dental treatment prior to your whitening appointment.
Some people think getting the teeth as white as possible is the best and some think it looks unnatural. It is possible to whiten your teeth to your liking, and most cases the optimal shade of white that will fit your complexion is what matches to the whites of your eyes. However, you should discuss it with your dentist and be on the same page about the level of whitening.
Who doesn’t like coffee? However, to preserve the whitening treatment’s effects, you need to avoid dark-colored foods and beverages, unfortunately they include coffee, that could stain your teeth for at least 48 hours. If you like iced coffee, you can use straw for the coffee to bypass the teeth to limit the staining, the same goes for other colored or carbonated drinks as well.