Neck Lift

As we age, the neck starts to reveal our age. Our skin loses its elasticity, which causes creasing and sagging. If you have loose, sagging skin on your neck, you can consider a neck lift to address these problems.

What is Neck Lift?

Neck lift, also known as lower rhytidectomy, is an outpatient procedure which addresses cosmetic issues about the neck such as jowl, loose skin, and stubborn fat. With the help of a carefully placed incision, excess and stubborn fat can be removed or redistributed. Excess skin gets removed, and cervical muscles get tightened. In this way, neck lift provides a better, more defined, firm, and youthful neck. It also helps to restore balance to facial features. Neck lift can easily be combined with other procedures such as facelift and chin augmentation.

Worldwide, tens of thousands of people have a neck lift each year. If you are having concerns about having a neck lift, do not worry! You are not alone, and we are here with you from the beginning until the end to help you and guide you.

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Problems & Solutions

Neck lift can address your cosmetic problems around your neck. Here you can find answers for different complaints.

I want to have a neck lift with the least number of incisions.

If you are concerned about the incisions, you may consider mini neck lift. This procedure gives...

I'm bald with an excess skin. I don't want scars behind my ears.

If you have too much excess neck skin and if you are bald, then direct neck lift is just for you. This...

I’m 55, and I have an excess skin on my lower face and neck.

If you have significant excess skin on your lower face and neck, then you should consider lower face and...

I have a double chin and I'm looking for a less invasive option.

If you are under 40 and have excess fat deposits around your neck, you are a really good candidate for neck...

I’m looking for a solution to suspend the sagging on my neck.

In this case, suspension neck lift may be considered to address your concerns. This procedure uses...

I have excess fat around my neck, and I also have a poor jawline.

A neck lift and a chin augmentation with implants are frequently combined and performed at the...

I have excess skin and I don’t have muscle laxity around my neck.

If you don’t have laxity problem, then you can consider cervicoplasty. It is a less invasive surgical procedure...


Experience speaks for itself! Hear out what our patients have said:

Neck lift incredibly improved my visible turkey wattle. My colleague saw me after the operation and said: “Wow, you look amazing, I think you’re 25 now!” I think I really look and feel like I’m 25. I’m very satisfied with my results.
Kathy Jacobs Neck Lift
In the past, I had numerous plastic surgeries done by different doctors. Let me tell you this, from now on, I will only work with this clinic. They are just amazing. Incredibly talented surgeons and an incredibly professional team.
Alexis Jones Neck Lift

Why Clineca?

At Clineca, we take everything seriously. We understand how important the results are for you. We care about your health and comfort as much as you do. From beginning to end, we inform you, guide you, serve you, and help you.

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Surgeries are performed in prestigious fully equipped hospitals in which doctors from all specialties are present.

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You will have an online consultation with your surgeon via video chat. After an online examination, and will help you to choose what's the best.

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We cooperate with the surgeons who perform a limited number of surgeries each week to ensure the best results.

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You can contact our agents 7 days and 24 hours for your questions and concerns, or only support. We'll be fully available for your service.

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We provide you with special discounts in luxurious hotels in the vicinity of the hospital. Your comfort is very important to us.

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We provide airport transfer and transportation between your hotel and the hospital before/after the surgery via VIP vehicles.

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As Clineca, we provide you with patient accompaniment, who will visit you every day in your hotel room during the resting period.

No Hidden Costs

The price includes fees of the surgeon, operating room, hospitalization, tests, medications and medical visits by a nurse.


The price includes hotel layover (including breakfast), and transportation between the airport, the hotel and the hospital.

Services & Products

Interpreter service, BBL pillow, neck pillow (rhinoplasty), eye mask, voltage converter and many others that will enhance your satisfaction.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is a leading player in medical tourism, and Istanbul, which is an extremely beautiful touristic city, is the plastic surgery capital of Turkey.

Step by Step Experience for International Patients

Clineca has a holistic approach. We believe that everything should be right for a satisfactory cosmetic surgery experience, including your days in Istanbul. We plan every detail of your journey.

Knowing Each Other

After you fill the form, one of our agents will contact you. They will inform you about the whole experience, in detail. If requested, they will arrange an online consultation for you.

Online Consultation

You'll have an online consultation with your surgeon via video chat. They will perform an online examination and help you to choose what the best approach to your case is.


We'll plan your whole journey including your surgery date and accommodation. We'll inform you about every need; from preparing your suitcase to advice before the procedure.


Our VIP transportation vehicle will be ready at the airport for you. We’ll drive you to the hospital and they'll get a blood and the C19 test. Then, we'll take you to your hotel.

Examination & Surgery

We’ll take you from your hotel to the hospital. After your examination, the same day you’ll have the surgery. You will stay at the hospital 1-2 day(s), depending on the procedure.

Resting & Recovering

After your stay at the hospital, we'll drive you to your hotel. A wellbeing assistant will visit you every day to inform you, to examine, and to provide medical care during the week.


We'll gladly and proudly show you around our beautiful city. We’ll be very happy to provide you with professional guidance in historical sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.

Follow-Up & Leaving

We’ll take you to 1-week follow-up. After your examination and removal of bandages if required, we’ll inform you about the recovery period. Then, we'll drive you to the airport.

Recovery Period

During your recovery, we'll inform you, check on you, and answer your questions 24 hours and 7 days. We'll expect you to send photos periodically to follow your recovery period.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Neck Lift?

It is not hard to be eligible for a neck lift procedure. If you are reading this, you are probably a candidate already!

You may be a good candidate:

  • If you have a “turkey neck” that makes you look older than you actually are
  • If your neck has too much fat which creates a double chin
  • If you have excess skin and creases on your neck and near the jawline
  • If you have sagging on the neck
  • If you are healthy and have realistic goals

What are the Expected Outcomes of Neck Lift Surgery?

The outcomes of neck lift can be analyzed in two main categories: aesthetical and psychological.

Aesthetical Outcomes

A neck lift can address your cosmetic and aesthetical issues you have about your neck. A neck lift improves the most visible signs of aging (turkey neck, loose skin, jowl) around your neck. Through neck lift, you can achieve a firmer, smoother, youthful, and graceful neckline. Your neck gets tightened, rejuvenated, and unwanted sagging and creases get eliminated.

Psychological Outcomes

Many people find cosmetic issues; such as sagging skin, that causes a wattle; excess fat, that creates a double chin; and wrinkles, that makes you look old; on the neck as serious concerns. If you are not happy with the appearance of your neck area, you can experience psychological distress, which can negatively affect your self-confidence. After the procedure, you will have a more positive self-image.

How is a Neck Lift Done?

Neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to change the appearance of the neck. It is customized according to the needs and wishes of the patient.


In the beginning of the surgery, you will receive anesthetics. Depending on the particular case, the surgery can be performed using either general anesthesia, or local anesthesia combined with sedation. In either case, you will not feel any pain.


The details of the surgery depend on the patient’s needs and the surgeon’s approach, which makes this surgery a customized procedure. What’s suitable for you depends on your anatomical characteristics and your goals. Your surgeon will help you through the process to decide on the best option.

Broadly, your surgeon will make a small incision or incisions hidden behind the ears or in the creases of the neck. In some cases, a small incision under the chin can also be made. Through these incisions, the surgeon is able to remove fat, either using neck liposuction or a direct excision. After removing the excess skin and fat, restructuring, and tightening the neck muscles and repositioning the skin, the incisions will be closed, cleaned, and bandaged.

Risks and Complications*1*2*3*4

If the surgeon is familiar with the anatomy of the region and has experience, then the complication rate is quite low. Nevertheless, the risks and complications associated with neck lift can be split into 2 as early and late complications, regarding when they present themselves.

    Early Complications:

  • Hematoma: The risk of hematoma formation is higher in smokers than non-smokers, and in males than females because of the blood supply to the beard hair follicles.
  • Seroma: It’s a build up of clear fluid, not dangerous, but can be painful and uncomfortable.
  • Cobra-neck deformity: over-resection of fat in the under the chin can cause this deformity.
  • Nerve injury: Inexperience with the anatomy is the main cause.

    Late Complications:

  • Ptotic submandibular gland: The glands under the jaw can present ptosis (sagging) but in the early days it is hard to notice as the lifting effect camouflages it.
  • Platysmal banding: although it is one of the most common reasons to have a neck lift operation done, these can recur after neck lifting.
  • Pixie Ear: Excessive tension at closure can pull the ear lobe, which can cause this deformity. It can be corrected with a revision surgery.
  • Neck Skin Pleats: Main reason is inadequate excision of neck skin.

What To Expect During A Neck Lift Recovery?

The First Week

After the procedure, a bandage will be placed around your neck to minimize swelling and bruising, as well as to help achieve the best result. A small drainage tube can be placed to drain excess fluid or blood. They are usually removed in the next day or two. Following the surgery, you should rest as much as possible for the first few days and avoid any action that may cause discomfort in the neck. If you feel pain or discomfort, it can be controlled with painkillers. You should wear loose clothes while recovering and avoid pinning jewelry or any accessories that may irritate the neck. You should prefer shirts that have buttons on them because pulling a shirt over your head might be uncomfortable.


Most of the time, patients return to their daily activities within 1-2 weeks. Most of them take these 1-2 weeks off work. You may experience some tightness and numbness around the neck for a few weeks. Bruising and swelling are normal and will get better within a week, but tightness and numbness may last for several months. You should wait at least 2-3 weeks before resuming strenuous exercises. Makeup can help to camouflage residual swelling and bruising if they are still too obvious. In addition, you will be more vulnerable to sun exposure for several months, thus exposure to heat and sun should be limited. Always wear a hat and apply sunscreen before you go outside.

Guidance & Support

A wellbeing assistant will visit you in your hotel room every day during the first week after the surgery. We will expect you to be in our clinic for your post-op examination 1 week after the surgery, before you leave Istanbul. We will still follow your recovery process while you are away. Clineca will provide you with complete support and inform you about everything you need to know during your recovery. We will be with you from your consultation to the very end of your recovery.

Quote from the Doctor

“With the surgical enhancements in the field of plastic surgery, now, we can perform a neck lift with smaller incisions which are hidden behind the ears.”

What to Do Before the Neck Lift

During your online consultation, your surgeon will ask you questions about your medical history. It is of critical importance that you give your doctor every detail, from the conditions you might have to the operations you had in the past, to the medications and supplements you use, to minimize the risks the surgery could bring. They will also conduct a physical examination. They will inform you about everything you need to know before the surgery. Moreover, as Clineca, we will provide you with a complete guidance and support before as well as after your surgery. You will have a complete and detailed list of instructions.

Most important instructions include,

  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen and aspirin) for 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • Avoid herbal remedies and supplements
  • Take only the medications approved by your surgeon.

What to Do After Neck Lift Surgery?

The things you need to do after the surgery will be explained to you in detail by your surgeon, and as Clineca we will provide you with all the support and guidance you need. Most important instructions include:

  • Do not smoke for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • Do not take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications after the surgery until your surgeon approves using them.
  • Take pain medication and antibiotics prescribed to you by your surgeon.
  • Do not forget your follow-up appointment in the next few days for the removal of bandages and dressings, or the drain-tube.
  • Rest as much as possible, even if you feel better.
  • Keep your head elevated and straight.
  • Wear loose clothes and don’t use accessories around the neck.
  • Avoid twisting and bending the neck.
  • Do not apply ice to your neck.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat.
  • Follow a healthy diet.
  • If anything unusual happens, please contact us.

Quote from the Doctor

“Face is positioned immediately above the neck. Neck, while determining the lower contours of the face, has also an individual attractiveness. On the other hand, neck is directly affected by aging. This is why a neck lift can enhance the beauty of your neck and face while giving you a younger appearance.”


We know you have many questions. Having realistic expectations and deciding to have a cosmetic surgery requires information. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Neck Lift.

Neck lift is an outpatient procedure which addresses cosmetic issues about your neck such as loose skin, stubborn fat, and jowls.
All surgical procedures have some risks to them. However, if it is performed by an experienced and talented surgeon, the risk of having a serious problem is very small.
During the surgery, you will not feel any pain because of the anesthesia. After the procedure, you may experience a little discomfort, which can easily be controlled with pain medications.
Depending on the particular case, the surgery can be performed using either general anesthesia, or local anesthesia combined with a sedative.
If you are healthy but have sagging and excess skin on the neck or if your neck has a bit too much fat which creates a double chin, you are a good candidate for a neck lift.
A neck lift surgery usually takes 1 to 3 hours, but if other procedures are to be combined with the neck lift, it can take longer. Your surgeon will give you an estimate about the duration of your procedure.
Most of the patients are able to return to their normal level of daily activities within 1-2 weeks.
Under normal circumstances, your results will be long-lasting. A well-performed neck lift can last 10 to 15 years.
You should wait at least 2-3 weeks before resuming strenuous exercises.
The incisions are very small and located strategically behind the ears, so that they they will be hidden and heal well, and afterwards will be barely noticeable.
It is rare for someone under the age of 35 to have a facelift, and the age range for patients who have a neck lift is 35-65. There is no upper boundary age for any cosmetic enhancement, as long as you are healthy enough to undergo the rigors of surgery, anesthesia and recovery from the procedure and if your neck is loose and started to sag, then you are ready for a neck lift procedure. The earlier you have a neck lift, the longer the effects will be.
Neck lift provides a better, more defined, firmer, and youthful neck. It also helps to restore balance to your facial features. You will get rid of sagging and unwanted wrinkles on your neck.
Your surgeon will prepare a detailed and customized plan by discussing your goals, desires, and expectations with you. They will ask you questions about your medical history, make a physical examination, and provide treatment options as well as before-after photos using 3D Imaging System.
Swelling will get better within a week, but it may take several weeks to subside completely. Numbness, on the other hand, may remain for several months.
At Clineca, we use 3D Imaging System, which is a technology that provides a preview of your new and lifted neck before your neck lift procedure even begins.
As Clineca, we cooperate with doctors who have the highest patient satisfaction rates, and they are highly experienced in neck lift surgeries. Apart from the quality of the doctors we work with, as Clineca we provide support throughout your experience in Istanbul, from medical equipments to 7/24 translators to providing you with wellbeing assistance.
Yes, they are frequently combined procedures. Our contracted surgeons are highly experienced at combined procedures.
The total cost can vary according to the type of surgical technique and procedure. You can contact us for detailed information.
Most of the patients take 1-2 weeks off work.
There are several techniques, but each technique has their own specific target patients. According to your needs and desires, the best option will be determined by your surgeon during your consultation.

Problems & Solutions

Neck lift can address your cosmetic problems around your neck. Here you can find solutions for different problems.

If you are concerned about the number of incisions, you should consider the Mini Neck Lift. This procedure improves the neck problems with the minimum amount of incisions. It is performed through a small incision under the chin, and it allows removing the excess fat located on the muscle, tightening of the neck muscle, improving the neck creases, and reducing the prominence of the neck glands to enhance neck contour. Mini face lift is quite popular because of its hidden and limited amount of incisions. It also has a short recovery period. However, these procedures are customized according to the patient’s needs and after a physical examination, your surgeon will recommend you the best options for your case.
If that is the case, then the Direct Neck Lift is just for you. This procedure involves direct removal of the excess skin. Incisions are made from under the chin to the bottom of the neck. Even though the scars heal very well, they are not as easily hidden behind as a traditional neck lift because of their position. That’s why this technique is generally performed on patients who don’t want incisions behind their ears but have significant excess skin on their necks.
If you have significant excess skin on your lower face and neck, then you should consider lower face and neck lift. This procedure provides the most effective and best long-term results concerning rejuvenation of the neck. Most of the incisions are made inside the hairline and around the ears, as well as an incision made under the chin. Most of the patients over 50 benefit from this type of neck lift. For more balanced and natural results, this procedure can be combined with other operations such as facial fat grafting and brow lift. Our contracted surgeons are highly experienced at combining these cosmetic procedures. Please contact us for further information and consultation.
If you are under 40 and have excess fat around your neck, you make a perfect candidate for neck liposuction. If your skin is not too thick or heavy or loose, and you have excess fat below the chin and on the neck, and you have a good bone structure, then you are a match made in heaven for a neck liposuction. In the neck liposuction, small incisions are made under the chin and behind each earlobe. From these incisions, excess fat is removed, and your neck gets slimmer. To achieve better results, this procedure can also be combined with a chin implant.
In this case, suspension neck lift can be considered. It is a procedure that uses permanent sutures that are used to suspend the sagging muscles of your neck, like a sling. An incision is made under the chin, as in the mini neck lift, and additional ones behind each ear. However, with the suspension neck lift, the improvement is not as much as it is with the mini neck lift. During your consultation, your surgeon will help you to determine the best option. For further and more detailed information, please contact us.
The neck lift and chin augmentation with implants are frequently combined operations performed in the same surgery. This combination helps to enhance the contour of the neck. Angles of the chin and neck are made to be sharper and more defined. A small incision is made under the chin to place the implants, and most of the time, the same incision is used for the neck lift, so that additional incisions are not made. However, these procedures are customized according to the patient’s needs, so, after the physical examination your surgeon will recommend the best options for your case. Please contact us for further information and consultation.
If you don’t have a laxity problem, then you can consider cervicoplasty. It is a less invasive surgical procedure that allows removing the excess skin and fat beneath the chin and neck. During the surgery, a small incision is made under the chin and a small suction device is inserted under the skin and then the surgeon begins to remove excess fat from the region, but the muscles under the chin and neck remain untouched. That’s why this procedure is not recommended for patients who have a laxity problem and have a significant amount of excess fat. In addition, patients who suffer from serious signs of aging can benefit more from the more invasive methods than the cervicoplasty.

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